Working Washington Grants: Round 4

The Washington State Legislature and Gov. Inslee have created a new round of financial relief for small businesses across the state. The Working Washington Grants total approximately $240 million in Round 4. The following links will provide you with the information you need to apply for a grant.



Round 4 of the Working Washington Small Business Grants will require you to enter in specific information that requires documentation. This section will help you get these documents in order prior to the opening date March 29.



Before the portal opens, find out if you’re eligible to apply as well as which types of businesses and organizations are ineligible to apply in Round 4.


Frequently Asked Questions

Before you contact our technical assistance team below, you may want to look through our list of frequently asked questions. Many of the questions applicants have are pretty common and our FAQs may save you time.


Help & Support

If you have a question, can’t figure out how to answer a question or simply need someone to walk you through the application, our support team is ready to help in English starting March 22 and in Spanish, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Russian, Amharic, Arabic and Tagalog beginning March 29.


Translated Resources

Important information about the grant program, the application process and answers to frequently asked questions can be found here, along with the list of questions you will need to answer in the application itself. This page has 16 different language translations with links.